International Cooperation

The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation develops interstate and intergovernmental cooperation in the area of public pension benefits and mandatory pension insurance and participates in the elaboration and enforcement of social security treaties and agreements with foreign states as a part of its functions.

International cooperation of PFR aims to create a positive image of the country as a socially oriented state the primary objective of which is to create conditions for decent living standards and free development of a person, state support to families, maternity, fatherhood and childhood, persons with disabilities and senior citizens, to develop the system of social services, to assign state pensions, benefits and other social protection guarantees, and to guarantee every citizen social security on the grounds of old age, disability, loss of breadwinner, raising of children and in other cases established by law.

PFR representatives actively participate in the activities of intergovernmental and interdepartmental commissions and other social security and pension insurance agencies interacting with foreign states.

The Fund’s functions also include establishing relations and developing partnership with representative offices of international organizations in the Russian Federation and diplomatic missions of foreign states in the field of social security and pension insurance.