Russians appreciate quality of Pension Fund services

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25 january 2016

According to the data provided by the Your Control independent monitoring system, the share of citizens satisfied with the quality of PFR services stood at 98.027% in 2015. Nearly one million Russians assessed PFR services via the Your Control system last year; the services scored 4.876 points on the average on a five-point scale.

The same level was maintained at the beginning of 2016: PFR services scored 4.854 on the average in the Your Control system; the index of satisfaction with the quality of services amounted to 98.156%.

Please be advised that Your Control is an independent system monitoring the quality of public services, which helps assess performance of governmental agencies on the basis of public opinion. The system was launched in furtherance of the May decrees of the Russian president, which compelled the formation of an independent system for assessing performance of entities providing social services, including the definition of criteria of their efficiency and public ratings of their operation.

About one million opinions are monthly added to the system of ‘public’ monitoring of public services’ quality.

The system enables citizens to assess key PFR services offered by the Fund’s client services and multifunctional centers. Client services and multifunctional centers provide visual information and detailed instructions as to how citizens can assess services via the Your Control system.

The Your Control widget is available on the PFR website, by use of which citizens can assess the quality of services and post a detailed report on their interaction with PFR employees.

Public service recipients can assess the promptness, professionalism and politeness of employees, the convenience of procedure and the level of comfort on the premises. Opinions can be shared by means of the Your Control website, text messages, websites of the authorities, the public services portal and infomats at multifunctional centers. Two-thirds of citizens who assessed PFR services in 2015 sent text messages and one-third used multifunctional centers.