Pension Fund presents mobile application

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30 march 2017

The Russian Pension Fund has presented a mobile application for easier access to the individual PFR account status and verification of insurance contributions paid by the employer; it will also be possible to make an appointment and to file a request for necessary documents by means of the application.

The free PFR application for iOS and Android enables users of mobile devices to access key functions available at one’s personal account on the PFR website.

The application may be used to check the status of one’s PFR account, i.e. the accumulated pension points and record; the assigned pension or social benefit; the size of maternity capital; and history of requests filed with PFR.

A number of mobile application services are accessible without authorization on the public services’ portal. For instance, the application will use geo-location service to find the nearest client service of the Pension Fund or a multifunctional center and will offer to make an appointment. It may also be used to ask for necessary certificates and documents and to file a request with PFR.