PFR Head Anton Drozdov opens nursing home in Vladimir region

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29 september 2017

A modern nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities opened in Vyazniki, Vladimir region, today. The home is part of the Vladimir region’s social program; the project was funded by the regional budget and the Russian Pension Fund. The Vladimir regional administration decided to name the institution after Russian human rights activist Elizaveta Glinka, commonly known as Dr. Liza.

PFR Board Chairman Anton Drozdov, Federation Council Deputy Chairperson Galina Karelova, Vladimir Region Governor Svetlana Orlova, heads of the regional administration’s divisions, representatives of civil organizations, and other officials attended the opening ceremony.

The nursing home reconstructed since 2015 is a two-story brick building. More than 3,400 square meters of space have been refurbished. A hundred elder citizens will be living in comfortable rooms.

The nursing home has facilities for recreation, occupational therapy, advanced medical assistance, and social and medical rehabilitation. Its kitchen is modern, and residents have five meals a day, including dietary foods recommended by doctors. There is an acoustic system and a video projector in the cozy living room.

Please be advised that the Pension Fund has been subsidizing regional social projects since 2001. Almost 30 billion rubles have been allotted over that period.

PFR continued to subsidize social programs of Russian constituent territories in 2017. As many as 1 billion rubles have been distributed in subsidies, including 525.1 million rubles for building ten social service facilities, 400.0 million rubles for repairing social service facilities and procuring hardware, durable goods, and vehicles for mobile teams; and 50.0 million rubles for computer training of non-working pensioners. Some 50.0 million rubles were assigned for targeted social assistance to victims of emergencies and natural calamities.