Over 3 mln Russians request pension assignment, change pension delivery method online in 2017

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13 november 2017

The number of Russian citizens filing their pension assignment requests online has been growing: as many as 1.2 million Russians did so using the Personal account section on the Russian Pension Fund’s website in the first ten months of 2017. This is 440,000 people more than in the entire year 2016. Almost 1.9 million people chose the pension delivery method online; their number grew by 800,000 since 2016.

The assignment of a pension and the choice of a pension delivery method are two online services demonstrating the maximal increase in users over years. The number of people who applied for the assignment of their pension on the PFR website grew eleven times from 2015 to 2016, while the number of applications choosing a pension delivery method increased by 14 times.

This year is not over yet, but the scope of the use of a majority of PFR’s key online services is already higher than it was in 2016. The use of some services has grown twice or even thrice since last year.  The demand doubled for online applications requesting the issuance of maternity capital certificates, the assignment of monthly social benefits, and the issuance of documents certifying the size of the pension and social benefits; the number of online requests for using maternity capital funds and receiving pension savings tripled.

Most services provided by the Pension Fund are now available online and can be accessed from home. All services offered by the Pension Fund in the electronic format can be found in the single portal on the PFR website, es.pfrf.ru. Their use requires registration with the unified state services’ portal, gosuslugi.ru . There is no need for additional registration with the PFR website.

Importantly, PFR online services can be accessed not only on the Pension Fund website and the state services’ portal, but also in the mobile application for smart phones presented by the PFR in spring of this year.