Maternity capital certificate issued to 8.2 mln Russian families

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21 november 2017

A total of 8.2 million Russian families have received maternity capital certificates since the program’s day one.

Maternity capital has helped improve living conditions of over 5 million families, including 3.2 million families who used the funds to repay their mortgage loans either fully or partially. More than 1.8 million families improved their living conditions without a mortgage loan. An improvement of living conditions remains the most popular way of using maternity capital funds.

In addition, PFR has received 482,000 applications for spending maternity capital funds on education of children and 3,700 applications for adding the funds to the mother’s funded pension.

Another option was added to the three main areas of spending maternity capital funds last year: now the funds can be spent on social adjustment and integration of children with disabilities. One hundred and fifteen applications of the kind have been filed as of now.

Some 58% of families have fully spent maternity capital funds.

Maternity capital stands at 453,026 rubles in 2017.  Maternity capital is granted to families where children who meet the program terms are either born or adopted as of December 31, 2018. There are no deadlines on the issue of a certificate and the spending of maternity capital funds.