Insurance pensions of non-working pensioners grow by 3.7% on Jan 1

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09 january 2018

Insurance pensions (including the fixed payment) of non-working pensioners increased by 3.7% on January 1, 2018: this is higher than the 2017 forecasted inflation rates. The increased fixed payment amounts to 4,982.9 rubles per month, and the pension point value is 81.49 rubles (78.58 rubles in 2017). An average old-age insurance pension has thus grown to 14,075 rubles, while an average old-age insurance pension of non-working pensioners stands at 14, 329 rubles.

As to further increase of pensions in 2018, state pensions, including social pensions, of working and non-working pensioners, will be increased by 4.1% on April 1. An average social pension will be increased to 9,045 rubles. An average social pension of children with disabilities and persons with lifelong disabilities of the 1st group will be 13,699 rubles.

The Pension Fund will adjust insurance pensions of pensioners who kept working in 2017 in August 2018.

The monthly social benefit received by federal benefit holders will increase on February 1, 2018.