Social pensions increased by 2.9% on April 1

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29 march 2018

The state-provided pensions, including social ones, were increased by 2.9% starting April 1, 2018, in accordance with the pensioner’s subsistence level growth in 2017. Pensions were increased for 3.9 million pensioners, including 3.2 million recipients of social pensions.

Simultaneously with the indexation of social pensions, state-provided pensions were also increased for servicemen who did call-up military service and their family members, WWII participants, citizens affected by radiation or man-made disasters, and their family members, citizens from among flight-test personnel and some other citizens.

The social pension’s average size increased after the indexation by 255 rubles to 9,062 rubles. The average size of the social pension for children with disabilities and persons with lifelong disabilities of Category I has been increased by 378 and 382 rubles, respectively, to 13,410 and 13,556 rubles. The average size of pensions of citizens with disabilities resulting from a war injury and WWII participants who receive two pensions, increased as a result of indexation to 30,694 rubles and 35,387 rubles, respectively.

Earlier – on January 1, 2018, insurance pensions (including a fixed payment) for non-working pensioners increased by 3.7%, which exceeds the 2017 inflation rate. The fixed payment amount after the indexation reached 4,982.9 rubles per month, the value of the pension point is 81.49 rubles. The indexation increased the average annual size of the old-age insurance pension to 14,137 rubles, and the average annual old-age insurance pension for non-working pensioners - to 14,416 rubles.

The monthly payment for the federal benefit recipients was increased by 2.5% from February 1. The set of welfare services included in the monthly payment was indexed by 2.5% and reached 1,075 rubles 19 kopecks per month.

In August 2018, the Pension Fund will adjust the insurance pensions of pensioners who were working in 2017.