“Tablet Computer Basics” course added to “Internet ABC”

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11 april 2018

The “Tablet Computer Basics” course has been added to the “Internet ABC” advanced training program developed by the Russian Pension Fund and Rostelecom. The course gives a detailed description of tablet computers’ specifics, required user skills, capacities of application stores, and safe downloading of applications, and offers advice on choosing a tablet computer.

There is a chapter devoted to algorithms of using mobile applications of the Internet portal gosuslugi.ru, the Pension Fund, and Rostelecom.

The full package of materials, which could help the studies of the elder generation, is available on the Internet portal azbukainterneta.ru (азбукаинтернета.рф):

  • A tutorial, which could be downloaded fully or by chapter;
  • Per-chapter methodological recommendations for tutors;
  • Visual aids for every lesson of the course.

Materials of the “Tablet Computer Basics” course could be used by teachers of computer awareness courses for pensioners as a separate tablet computer and smart phone course and an additional lesson of the Internet ABC basic course. Materials could also be used for advanced computer awareness courses.

The materials are an addition to the basic course of the time-tested computer awareness program for pensioners, which is in progress across the country.

Please note that the textbook and the Internet portal azbukainterneta.ru were developed under the 2014 agreement between the Pension Fund and Rostelecom on cooperation in computer awareness programs for pensioners. The cooperation project aims to facilitate the access of pensioners to online public services and improve the quality of their life with computer awareness and ability to use the Internet.