Maternity capital certificates now issued faster

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01 november 2018

The amendments to Federal Law No. 256-FZ “On Additional Measures of State Support to Families with Children” have reduced the period for issuing maternity capital certificates. The month-long period envisaged by the law earlier has been cut to 15 days, which start on the day the application is filed with the Russian Pension Fund (PFR).

The decision-making period has been reduced thanks to the development of the PFR’s automated information system. Territorial offices of the Pension Fund request all information necessary for the provision of this public service from other agencies on their own and rapidly receive replies through electronic channels. Hence, the issuance of maternity capital certificates within 15 days, which complies with standard regulation, is not new to many PFR client services.

The issuance of maternity capital certificates is one of the most high-tech public services provided by the Pension Fund. Families can receive this service not only via the PFR client service or a multifunctional center, but also in their personal account section on the PFR website or the Public Services Portal. The personal account makes it possible to file the application and receive the certificate online.

Once the Pension Fund decides to grant maternity capital, the e-certificate is automatically sent to the personal account of the applicant. The certificate is accompanied with an electronic document containing all necessary information about the certificate. More than half of families requesting maternity capital certificates do that via electronic services of the Pension Fund.