Social benefits increase by 4.3% on Feb 1

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31 january 2019

A number of social benefits assigned by the Russian Pension Fund grew on February 1. The monthly benefit, which is received by 15.2 million federal benefit holders, among them disabled persons, war veterans, people exposed to radiation, Heroes of the Soviet Union and Russia, Heroes of Socialist Labor, and some other categories of citizens, increased by 4.3%. The indexation was based on the 2018 inflation rates. The PFR budget assigned 459 billion rubles for paying all types of monthly benefits with due account of their indexation.

The value of the package of social services, which is included in the monthly benefit, also grew by 4.3%. The law allows pensioners to receive the package either in kind or in a monetary equivalent. The full monetary equivalent of the package of social services increased to 1,121.42 rubles per month on February 1. The package comprises 863.75 rubles assigned for medicines, medical products, and dietary food, 133.62 rubles for health resort services aimed at the prevention of main types of diseases, and 124.05 rubles for free travel to and from a health resort by rail or intercity transport.

The burial benefit paid by the Pension Fund to the family of a deceased non-working pensioner was also increased on February 1 to 5,946.47 rubles.

Insurance pensions of 32 million non-working pensioners were raised by 7.05% on January 1.