PFR personal account section’s audience grows to 11 mln in 2018

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14 march 2019

The personal account section of the Russian Pension Fund’s website had a series of useful updates last year. Thirteen new options opened to provide nine types of public services. Most options are electronic applications for PFR payments.

Maternity capital certificate holders can now file their applications for monthly payments for the second child, pensioners living in the North can apply for compensation for resettlement expenses, and pensioners who change their place of residence can send the relevant notice to the Pension Fund.

More people discover the opportunities provided by the personal account section on the PFR website, and the audience is growing year after year. It increased by several million to 11 million users in 2018. The monthly number of visitors exceeded one million for the first time in August and has never been smaller since then.

The development of the personal account section is also evidenced by the increased intensity of using services. A total of 33 million requests for PFR services, which were filed via the personal account section, were processed last year; that was thrice larger than in 2017 (10.6 million requests).

Most requests were made for current information about pension entitlements or assigned payments. The demand for such services increased five times and amounted to a third of all requests. In the end, nearly 5 million requests were for information about assigned pensions and social benefits, and 5.1 million requests were for information about earned pension points and labor record.

The PFR smart phone application, which gives access to some services of the personal account, became more popular. A total of 405,000 persons installed the application last year, which as a 55% year-on-year growth. Services provided by the PFR website’s personal account section cover practically every area of the Fund’s activity and payments. Both pensioners and people, whose pensions are a long way off, could use the personal account section. Most online services will require registration on the Public Services website. People without such registration can visit the Pension Fund’s client service for getting registered. The appointment service, which is available in the personal account section and accessible via the mobile application, will help plan your visit to the PFR. About 1 million people made their appointments with the Pension Fund this way in 2018.