Applications for monthly payment of maternity capital funds can be filed in any PFR territorial office

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14 may 2019

The Russian Pension Fund reminds maternity capital certificate holders that they could apply for a monthly payment in any PFR client service or office irrespective of the place of residence.

The Pension Fund has been receiving applications on the basis of the extraterritorial principle since the moment the monthly payment was endorsed in 2018. The assignment of funds irrespective of the place of registration, stay or actual address of certificate holders was also implemented last year via the personal account section on the Russian Pension Fund’s website.

The extraterritorial principle of filing applications for monthly payments was legalized in May 2019 with relevant amendments to Federal Law No. 418-FZ dated December 28, 2017, “On Monthly Payments to Families with Children.”

Please note that applications for the monthly payment of maternity capital funds can be filed any time within 18 months since the appearance of a second child in the family. The payment will be provided since the moment of birth or adoption if the application is filed within the first six months, and the family will receive the funds for the entire period. Applications filed after the six-month period result in the monthly payment which starts on the filing date. The payment is made to the account of a maternity capital holder at a Russian banking institution.

The amount of the monthly payment varies depending on the region and corresponds to the child’s subsistence minimum in the relevant Russian constituent territory in effect during the second quarter of the previous year. In 2019, the payment amounts to the subsistence minimum that was in effect during the second quarter of 2018.

For the purpose of convenience, the PFR website provides the monthly payment calculator, which helps families determine whether they qualify for the payment and learn about the payment amount in a particular region.