The Pension Fund of Russia and Х5 Retail Group have signed a cooperation agreement

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19 june 2019

Today, a bilateral agreement between the Pension Fund of Russia and Х5 Retail Group has been signed at the Forum for Social Innovations in Regions held in Moscow on 19 to 21 June. The main purpose of the Agreement is the implementation of social support measures for pensioners and pre-pensioners, such as discounts and individualized offers in Х5 chain stores.

Such services are planned to be provided via digital social cards developed by PFR which will help X5 retail chain and other private companies identify a person as a recipient of state social benefits and provide services based on their own socially oriented offers.

Digital social cards may be used through PFR mobile application in the form of unique QR code containing information on individual’s status and his or her standard benefits. Code scanning from a smartphone screen will allow identifying the entitlement to benefits, discounts and other support provided today not only by the state, but also by private business.