Anton Drozdov acted as a strategic session moderator at the Forum for Social Innovations in Regions

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20 june 2019

PFR Board Chairman Anton Drozdov acted as a moderator of the strategic session “Information Technologies and Digital Transformation in the Social Sphere” held within the 3rd Forum for Social Innovations in Regions in Moscow. The session focused on improved efficiency and quality of social services due to digital technologies.

The session was attended by Maksim Parshin, Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications; Elena Boiko, Deputy Minister of Health; Natalia Pochinok, President of the Russian State Social University; Dmitry Oguriayev, Director, Sberbank’s Division of Individuals’ Deposits and Investment Products; Dmitry Ter-Stepanov, Director, Regulatory Control, ANO “Digital Economy”; Emil Gadzhiev, Deputy Chairman of the Board,  Agency for Sustainable and Operational Support of Azerbaijan, and others.

The participants shared their views on how present-day technological solutions can ensure targeted and transparent social services and form new life quality standards for disadvantaged groups.

Special attention was given to public superservices – comprehensive public services in accordance with life situations provided on a proactive basis. They were described in detail by Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Maksim Parshin.

“We should implement the legislative principle that a person shall not be a courier and carry information from one agency to another. If information is contained in one or another information system, it is the responsibility of the state to ensure an adequate interagency information communication”, Mr. Parshin emphasized.

The prototypes of all 25 pubic superservices are planned to be published in the near future. According to the Deputy Minister, they are mostly related to social support services, including pensions, disability benefits, etc. The Pension Fund takes an active part in superservices introduction, as the Fund’s services and information are included in 18 of such services.

The Pension Fund also plans shortly to implement in several constituent territories a pilot project of proactive granting of some benefits, in particular, social pension supplement and monthly payments to adults and children with disabilities.

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The exhibition featuring a joint stand of the Pension Fund of Russia, Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communication, Sberbank and Russian Railways takes place as part of the Forum for Social Innovations in Regions. Visitors can review the presentations of the project of a Single Contact Center of Social Institutions and communication with an artificial intelligence chatbot. The interactive videotable will introduce the USSSIS (Unified State Social Security Information System) portal.