Benefits for looking after children with disabilities and persons disabled from childhood to be increased to RUR 10,000 from July 1

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28 june 2019

Under Presidential Decree, from 1 July 2019, monthly benefit for looking after children with disabilities and  persons disabled from childhood (Group One) will nearly double, from RUR 5,500 to RUR 10,000, to be paid to carers-parents and adoptive parents of children with disabilities or persons disabled from childhood (Group One), and to guardians and trustees. Other carers will continue to receive RUR 1,200.

The increased benefit amount will be paid not only to persons who will apply for it from July, but also to all current benefit recipients (394,800 people), with no additional application required.

Presently, RUR 5,500 benefits are paid to carers of 430,300 children with disabilities and persons disabled from childhood (Group One). In 2019, the Pension Fund of Russia will additionally pay RUR 13,500,000,000 (in all, RUR 49,000,000,000) for such benefits.

Note that monthly carer’s benefits are received by non-working able-bodied residents of Russia who look after a child with disabilities under 18 years of age or a person disabled from childhood (Group One). The benefit is paid in addition to pension of a child with disabilities or a person disabled from childhood. For persons living in the Far North and equivalent areas, the benefit is additionally increased by the regional premium rate.

You may apply for carer’s benefit to the Client Service of the Pension Fund and through the personal account on PFR website via benefit application and consent to care services.