Accounts of Crimean residents to be augmented with information about length of employment, contributions made before registration in mandatory pension insurance system

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23 august 2019

Consistent with the August amendments to the federal law on pensions in Crimea, employers operating in the republic must provide the Russian Pension Fund with information about the periods of employment of local workers before their registration in the mandatory pension insurance system. The information will expand pension entitlements of Crimean residents and will raise their awareness.

The information, which must be submitted to the PFR consistent with the amendments, concerns occupation, position, particular labor conditions, and length of employment, in addition to periods of socially useful activity, such as military service.

Using information about the length of employment, PFR territorial bodies will augment accounts of Crimean residents with information about pension contributions calculated on the basis of the law on pensions in Crimea. As the information is received by the Pension Fund database, citizens will be able to monitor the development of their pension entitlements. If any incomplete or erroneous information is detected, it will be possible to request an update of the information from either the employer or the Pension Fund.

The information provided by Crimean insuring parties will simplify the pension assignment process, which will be based on personal accounts. Pensions will be assigned remotely and without additional documents confirming particular periods of employment, just like it is in the vast majority of Russian regions.

The forms and formats of presented information and the procedure of its presentation by insuring parties will soon be specified by a resolution of the Pension Fund Board. The new form is based on the existent SZV-K, which Russian employers were using to provide information about the length of employment of their workers before 2002.

Not just insuring parties, which have hired personnel, but also individual entrepreneurs, lawyers, notaries and other self-employed persons will have to submit labor activity information to the Pension Fund.

Entities and self-employed residents of Crimea have more than two years to do so; the law sets late 2021 as the deadline. The sooner information is received by the Pension Fund the sooner residents of the peninsula will learn about formation of their pension entitlements.