Anton Drozdov attends meeting of State Duma’s working group on improvement of pension laws

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06 december 2019

PFR Board Chairman Anton Drozdov addressed a meeting of the State Duma’s working group on the improvement of pension laws, which was held on December 5 with the participation of Deputy Labor Minister Andrey Pudov and representatives of national associations of employers and trade unions.

The meeting focused on benefits and guarantees provided starting from this year in accordance with the new pension laws. In particular, the sides discussed the increased growth of pensions, the interaction of pre-retirees, and their retraining and employment.

Anton Drozdov told the audience about the Fund’s effort to implement Federal Law No. 350-FZ, which formalized new provisions of the pension system. Emphasis was put on support for pre-retirees. The PFR head noted that pre-retirees were entitled to employment benefits and guarantees, including paid days off for medical checks, professional development and retraining, a larger employment benefit, and early assignment of pensions in case employment proves impossible.

Results of the PFR service, which provides information about the status of pre-retirees, were presented at the meeting. According to the report, over the first nine months of this year, the Pension Fund reaffirmed entitlements of over 1.1 million citizens to various social benefits and types of support. Relevant information was sent to employers, authorities, and agencies providing benefits. Pre-retirees also received such information from Pension Fund client services, their accounts on the Pension Fund website, and multifunctional centers.

The PFR Board chairman assured the audience that interaction with the State Duma in addressing problems raised by citizens would continue and noted the importance of the joint work of deputies and Pension Fund specialists.