More families to receive monthly payments from maternity capital in 2020

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09 january 2020

Amendments that increase the number of families entitled to monthly payments from maternity capital for their second child took effect on January 1. The amendments increased the maximum monthly income per capita in families entitled to the monthly payment to two subsistence minimums. The period of monthly payments was doubled, till the time the second child turns 3. In the past, only families with the monthly income per capita amounting to 1.5 subsistence minimums qualified for the monthly payment, and monthly payments were received till the second child turned 18 months.

In addition to the aforesaid changes, the amount of monthly payment, which differs from one constituent territory to another, was also increased. The average subsistence minimum in Russia, on which the payment depends, grew to 11,000 rubles per month.

Same as before, payments are received by families in which the second child was either born or adopted after 2018. In order to see whether a family qualifies for the monthly payment, the income of parents and children for the past year must be divided by 12 months and the number of family members, including the second child. If the sum equals to two subsistence minimums of the able-bodied population in the family’s home region, the family can apply for the payment to the Pension Fund.

The calculations include salaries, bonuses, pensions, social benefits, scholarships, and certain types of monetary compensations. Whenever the application is filed with the Pension Fund, the aforesaid types of income must be confirmed with documents, except the payments provided by the PFR. The sum does not include lump-sum financial assistance provided from the federal budget in the event of emergencies.

For convenience of calculations, the Pension Fund website provides a special calculator, which helps determine whether a family qualifies for the monthly payment and the payment amount in a particular region.

Applications for monthly payments can be filed with any client service or branch of the Pension Fund irrespective of the place of residence of the maternity capital certificate holder. It is also possible to apply for monthly payments via a multifunctional center or the account on the Pension Fund website. Families entitled to maternity capital, which have not received the relevant certificate, can do that simultaneously with filing for monthly payments.

Applications can be filed anytime for three years since the birth/adoption of the second child. Applications filed with the Pension Fund during the first six months will result in payments starting on the date of birth or adoption, including the months before the filing of application. Applications filed after the first six months will result in payments starting on the application filing date. Funds will be transferred to the account of the maternity capital certificate holder in a Russian lending agency.

Families whose entitlement to monthly payments expired in 2019, after their second children turned 18 months, can file another application and continue to receive monthly payments from maternity capital. In such cases, payments will begin on the date of application filing.

Please note that payments are made until the second child turns 3. Payments stop if maternity capital is fully spent or a family changes its place of residence.

Monthly payments from maternity capital are received for one year. Families need to file a new application with the Pension Fund upon the expiry of that period if they want to continue to receive the funds.

By now, 133,300 families have applied for receiving monthly payments from maternity capital.

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