The size of maternity capital increased to 466,617 rubles

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10 january 2020

Consistent with the amendments, which took effect on January 1, the size of maternity capital increased to 466,617 rubles. The sum grew by 13,600 rubles or 3% year-on-year. The amendments applied to all families, who had maternity capital left as of late last year either fully or partially. The Russian Pension Fund estimated the number of such families at 3.4 million.

Families can use maternity capital for the following purposes:

  • Improvement of housing conditions – purchase or construction of homes, compensation of housing construction expenses.
  • Education of children – kindergarten, school, or university fees.
  • Monthly payments – for low-income families, where the second child was born or adopted since 2018.
  • Social adaptation of children with disabilities – purchase of specialized goods.
  • Increased pension of mother – investment of maternity capital in the mother’s funded pension.

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