Majority of PFR Services Are Available via Personal Cabinet

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19 march 2020

The Pension Fund of Russia recommends to all citizens and especially to aged persons to apply for the state services remotely via personal cabinet to reduce visits to the public places and in such a manner to protect oneself against the new coronavirus.

Today it is possible to apply for any service rendered by the Pension Fund via personal cabinet on the site of the Pension Fund or Portal of State Services . Such services cover the majority of the activities of the Pension Fund and of the payments granted to the citizens, so the cabinet is intended not only for the retired persons , however, for those who are making up the pension and are entitled to other social benefits.

Pensioners and persons of the preretirement age may obtain statements in the online mode and then send them to other organizations in the same manner..Citizens of Russia being of the working age may obtain information about the individual pension coefficients on the personal retirement account and about length of service, monitor the employer’s contributions to the pension fund. The families can monitor the balance of the funds provided by the Maternity Capital Certificate and keep track of spending of the maternity capital.

The personal cabinet also allows starting the procedure of assignment in relation to the most part of benefits and managing the process. For example, it is possible to apply for the change of the pension delivery mode or substitution of the social service by the monetary compensation.

Using your personal cabinet you are able to fix benefits for disabled children, persons disabled from childhood and pensioners. The personal cabinet provides for filling in the online mode the required statements on assigning benefits and consent to care execution. Respectively, it also gives the opportunity to apply on behalf of the legal representative: a parent, adoptive parent or guardian.

You can send your questions relating to the assigned payments and rendered services via the оnline-reception.

You can obtain the current information by phone, for this use the information phone numbers of the Pension Fund. Contact information on each territorial office is given in the upper part of the site, in the section «Regional contacts», choose the required subject of the Russian Federation.

If you need to come to the territorial office of the Pension Fund in person, it is better to use the  service of making preliminary appointment ,which makes it possible to  be received at the appointed time and excludes waiting. This option provides for cancellation or rescheduling of the appointment.

Take care of yourself and your close ones, we wish you good health!