Indexation of Pensions to Pensioners-Guardians from July

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29 april 2020

According to the  amendment  to the Federal law on mandatory pension  insurance  beginning from 1st July 2020 the pensions of the  retired persons, who are guardians or trustees of the underage children, will be indexed.

At the present moment the rules of mandatory pension  insurance  apply  to the remunerated activity of the trustees (for instance , under contract on adoptive family) ,so  insurance contributions are provided for them , however, payment of pension taking into account indexation  is renewed only when the trusteeship comes to an end..

To provide for payment of indexed pensions   without the need for making application staring from 1st July, the territorial offices are engaged in updating the lists of the retired persons who are guardians ( to be done prior to 15th June ) and  in making up the required delivery documents for the post offices and credit organization (to be done prior to 24th June ) .

According to the preliminary estimates 45.8 thousand adoptive parents – pensioners are entitled to the increased benefits due to the approved amendments. Till the end of the current year expenditures on indexation of benefits will amount to RUB 720 mln.