Russian Pension Fund issues 10 millionth maternity capital certificate

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28 may 2020

Ten million Russian families have received maternity capital certificates since the day the state program kicked off.

The jubilee certificate was issued to a family in Udmurtia where the second child was born in March. Maternity capital was issued in a new, increased amount of 616,617 rubles that is received by all families where the second child is born after January 2020.

The 10 millionth certificates were issued proactively, on the basis of information from the Civil Registry Office and other agencies, and the family did not have to file documents with the Pension Fund in confirmation of its rights.

The family did not have to collect the certificate personally either, as it was issued in the electronic form. The digital certificate was sent to the holder’s account and all necessary information was enclosed. The mother is free to apply online for spending the funds on chosen purposes via her account and to control the balance.

The family that received the jubilee maternity capital certificate also received the monthly benefit of 5,000 rubles in April and May. The benefit is now provided to all families with children younger than 3 as a form of support during the pandemic. In June the family will receive an additional lump-sum benefit of 10,000 rubles for the first child younger than 16.

Please note that the first maternity capital certificate was issued in March 2007. Back then the state support for families with children amounted to 250,000. The amount has grown 2.5 times to 616,617 over the years. There is also maternity capital for the first child born or adopted since 2020 at the amount of 466,617 rubles.

According to PFR Board Chairman Maxim Topilin, the maternity capital adjustments declared in January and put into practice in the later period gave a boost to the program and intensified family activity in this area. “As of May 2020, the fund issued 100,000 certificates more than in the relevant period of 2019,” Topilin said.

More than 7.3 million Russian families have received state support totaling 2.7 trillion rubles over the period of the program’s existence.