Pension system: what will happen in 2017

In 2017 series of events and changes will happen in the Russian pension system that will affect on all participants of the system of mandatory pension insurance: current and future pensioners, as well as employers.

Increase of pensions and social benefits

In 2017, indexation of pensions will be back to the old order, when the insurance pension indexed on the actual rate of inflation, and state pension, including social pension, - taking into account the growth index of living wage.

That is why insurance pension of non-working pensioners will be indexed on February on the actual rate of inflation - 5.8% (forecast). As a result average size of old-age insurance pension together with fixed payment to insurance pension will be at least 13 657 rubles in 2017. Together with the insurance pension will increase the amount of the fixed payment to it up to 4 823.35 rubles, as well as the amount of pension point - up to 78.58 rubles (74.27 rubles in 2016).

State pension, including social pension will be indexed for the working and non-working pensioners by 2,6 % on April 1. As a result, the average social pension will be not less than 8803 rubles. The average size of the social pension for disabled children and disabled since childhood I group will be 13 349 rubles.

Sizes of monthly cash payment (MPC) which receive federal benefit recipients will be indexed on February 1 by 5.8%.

Insurance pensions will be indexed in August 2017 for those pensioners who worked in 2016. →