The Pension Fund of the Russian Federation is executing a number of socially significant functions, among them:

  • The assignment and payment of insurance pensions (old age, disability, loss of breadwinner), funded pensions, state pensions, insurance pensions of servicemen and their families, social pensions, public sector pensions;
  • The issue of state maternity (family) capital certificates;
  • The assignment and payment of social benefits to particular categories of citizens: veterans, people with disabilities, Heroes of the Russian Federation etc.;
  • The administering of mandatory pension and medical insurance contributions;
  • The assignment and payment of federal social supplement increasing pensions to the regional pensioner subsistence minimum;
  • The introduction of a system of individual record keeping in the mandatory pension insurance system;
  • The formation, investment and payment of pension savings;
  • The targeted assistance to pensioners and the co-funding of social programs in Russian constituent territories;
  • The implementation of the program of state co-funding of pensions;
  • The implementation of international agreements.