Russian Pension Fund’s Public Council holds first meeting

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08 december 2017

The Russian Pension Fund’s Public Council has held its first meeting. PFR Board Chairman Anton Drozdov greeted Public Council members. The PFR head introduced the Pension Fund leaders and heads of PFR structural divisions and told Council members in detail about key areas of the PFR activity.

Russian State Social University Rector Natalia Pochinok was elected the Russian Pension Fund’s Public Council Chairperson at the meeting.

The meeting addressed a draft of the Public Council’s work plan for 2018. The plan included the summarization of the PFR’s results achieved in 2017, medium-term tasks in the field of social security and pensions, the Pension Fund’s status, and proposals on ways to improve the pension system.

In 2018, the Public Council will also discuss the implementation and development of two major federal projects of the PFR:  the Federal Register of Persons with Disabilities (FRPD) and the Unified State Social Security Information System (USSSIS). Council members will confer on the implementation of the digital economy program by the Russian Pension Fund and the PFR effort to bolster its focus on clients and efficiency.

Please note that the Russian Pension Fund’s Public Chamber is a collegial advisory body formed by the PFR in September 2017 and tasked with exercising public control over the Fund’s activity and prepare proposals on ways to improve Russian laws and norms pertaining to the issues under the PFR jurisdiction. The Public Council will address the following matters, inter alia:

  • Analysis of drafts of socially significant norms and legislation.
  • Analysis of initiatives put forward by civil society institutes in matters under the PFR jurisdiction.
  • Conferences and seminars arranged in collaboration with the PFR on pressing aspects of the implementation of Russian legislation and norms pertaining to matters under the PFR jurisdiction.
  • Participation in the discussion and solution of socially significant matters under the PFR jurisdiction.
  • Participation in the elaboration of proposals on the legal and social protection of PFR employees.
  • Interaction with Russian federal agencies and their public councils in matters under the PFF jurisdiction.
  • Participation in the monitoring of quality of PFR public services.
  • Participation in the anti-corruption and human resources activity of the PFR.