Sergey Chirkov takes position of PFR Board Deputy Chairman

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09 july 2018

Sergey Chirkov, former head of the Pension Assignment and Payment Department, has taken the office of the PFR Board Deputy Chairman consistent with the order by the Russian Labor and Social Protection Ministry.

Sergey Chirkov started his career with the Russian Pension Fund in 2001 as a leading specialist of the Pension Assignment Department. He headed the Department for Pensions of Persons Residing Abroad in February 2007, and took charge of the Pension Assignment and Payment Department in July 2012.

He graduated from the Moscow State Water Transport Academy with a degree in law in 2000, the Academy of Labor and Social Relations in 2003, and the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics as a Master of Business Administration in 2005. He is a Ph.D. in Law.