Pension Fund Continues Payments on the Instructions of the President

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01 april 2020

On the  instructions of the President Vladimir Putin the Pension Fund will  continue payments , which  should be periodically confirmed by the respective documents, without the need for renewal.

In the first instance this applies to the pensions and monthly payments out of the maternity capital.

The recipients of the benefits for loss of breadwinner who turned to 18 do not need to apply to the Pension Fund within the nearest months to confirm the fact of continuing studies and the right to receive benefits.  Till the 1st of July continuation of studies is assumed automatically.

In this the decision on continuation   of payments to the students will be taken by the territorial offices of the Pension Fund, basing also on the information delivered by the educational institutions and the employers.

The similar pattern is used when a retired person issues a power of attorney so that the appointed representative acting by proxy could receive the pension. The Law specifies that in such case a retired person should appear in the client’s office of the Pensions Fund   or of the bank, engaged in delivery of the pension, once a year to testify receipt of the payments. Till the 1st of July the fact of receipt of pension is assumed automatically and payments will be continued even after expiration of the deadline.

The families which are entitled to monthly payments out of the maternity capital don’t have to submit application to the Pension Fund and confirm the family income and the right for the support measures. Payments out of the maternity capital for the families with low income will continue with no need for renewal till 1st October 2020.

Together with this, continuation of payments will also apply to the recipients of social pensions who don’t have registered place of residence on the territory of Russia. In accordance with the Law pensions to this category of citizens are assigned if there is an application stating the actual place of residence. Further on in order not to lose a right for the benefit the application should be renewed once a year. At the moment this requirement is discontinued.