Support for family with children expanded

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11 may 2020

The president’s order has expanded the entitlement of families with children to the monthly benefit of 5,000 rubles, which is provided for children younger than three in the period from April till June. Now the benefit is available not to only families with maternity capital but to any other families where the first child was either born or adopted between April 1, 2017, and January 1, 2020.

In addition, families with children aged from 3 to 16 are entitled to a lump-sum benefit of 10,000 rubles starting on June 1. The funds will be assigned for each child of the proper age in the period from May 11 till June 30 of this year irrespective of the entitlement to maternity capital. Applications for the benefit are accepted exclusively on the Public Services Portal.

Families can apply for the benefit within almost file months, through October 1. There is no need to file additional documents. The application can also be filed with any client service of the Pension Fund or via multifunctional centers.